0x8 - Joplin Server using Docker

I’ve recently migrated from Anytype to Joplin for my note taking and wanted to self host the cloud server. Because I currently host my website through GitHub Pages but wanted to use a subdomain to get it Thanks to the docker compose sample file as well as this and this video from DB Tech, I was able to setup my Joplin Server on Portainer Here is the official Joplin server guide

0x9 - Jellyfin Server using Docker

I decided I wanted to host my own media server and I didn’t want to use Plex so I chose Jellyfin. Here’s how I set mine up using docker and Portainer. Docker You can use docker compose or simply deploy the app through Portainer’s UI without docker compose. Replace any $ variable with your setting. Here are the settings that I used for my docker setup: image: linuxserver/jellyfin:latest ports: - 1900:1900 # tcp - 8086:8086 # tcp - 7359:7359 # udp volumes: - .